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Why we love working with you?

We love to see patients come in that have tried other programs that did not work for them, whether weight loss, neuropathy or getting rid of pain in the body. We have a “stick with you” guarantee that we will be with you all the way to the end of your program until you have success from your first visit. We know our approach is solid because of our history and research in helping so many patients and getting so many results with referrals.

– Dr. Todd Singleton 

Talk to Dr. Singleton Now. 801-917-0900

Why work with us?

We are successful in treating thousands of patients with weight-loss, neuropathy and pain management all without addicting medication.

We have coaches and staff that know our programs and will support you all along the way. We know the cause and the reason why you have struggled with your health issues. We have 31 years of treating patients and have figured out the best approach for you to be successful.

WE succeed where other clinics fail because they only treat the symptom and not the cause of your health concerns.

Our clinic provides hands-on treatment with the latest technology to get the best outcomes with services that you have never seen or experienced.

We have patients that have been to other clinics and come to us because they hear we get the results.

What does
The Clinic Do Best?

Our clinic has spent years developing programs for weight loss, neuropathy and effective pain management. Dr. Todd Singleton has been practicing for over 30 years and treating thousands of patients successfully here in Utah.


How does
The Clinic Achieve its success?

We have developed and studied how to treat weight loss, neuropathy, and pain to reverse these health issues by treating the cause. This took years of research and treating thousands of patients to find the best approach to this problem patients are facing. We have a staff that understands what we do and they care about the patient and it shows by the success we have. We have therapies that address the problem to shrink fat, increase blood flow back to the feet in neuropathy and reverse inflammation in the body to have the pain subside.

Meet Dr. Singleton

Doctor Supervision that Only a Clinic Can Provide

For over 30 years Dr. Todd Singleton, D.C. has been helping patients all over the world achieve better health.

Dr. Todd Singleton is home grown in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born in 1960 and went to school here. He then went on an LDS mission to Iowa where chiropractic started. He met several doctors that would give him treatment because of carrying a big backpack. He then decided to go to school and be a doctor that helps others like he was helped. He attended the University of Utah and later received his bachelor’s degree in human biology. He graduated from Los Angeles College of chiropractic in 1990 with his doctorate in chiropractic. He developed the largest multidisciplinary practice in Utah including medical doctors and physical therapists with 75 employees and owned an MRI machine. He developed programs also for weight-loss, nephropathy and pain management successfully. He has helped treat thousands of patients here in Utah and live a better lifestyle. Our approach is to treat the cause of any disease and help the body to heal the ailment the patient presents with. Dr. Singleton has then taught his treatment program to over 2,500 other clinics in America and they have the same success that he did. He has instructed and taught at colleges and Universities across the country. He has taught over in Europe as well. He currently continues to coach doctors nationwide and maintain an office here in Salt Lake City in Midvale and sees new patients there a few days per week.

Dr. Todd Singleton, D. C.
Chiropractic Physician and Nutritionist.

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    Our Team


    Dr. Singleton has a talented team keeping the office running smoothly and patients happy.




    Linda has been with Dr. Singleton from day one. She is multi-talented and has a comprehensive approach to every position in the office.



    Star Therapist

    Emily is our star therapist that helps with weight-loss patients and neuropathy patients.




    Melanie is an Master esthetician and does all jobs at the office to help patients



    Accounts Payable

    Nancy has been running Dr. Sigleton’s back office for over 25 years, making sure his accounts are on time.



    Software Engineer

    Libby has a Ph.D. in computer science. She has developed for companies, such as Amazon. She has helped thousands of doctors with their clinics.

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    We are here to help you with weight loss, neuropathy, and pain management questions.

    Dr. Todd Singleton’s health and wellness have been committed for over 30 years to bring the latest health care helping patients solve their health problems by going after the cause of the ailment. Call Dr. Singleton now, and he will see if they can help you before you even come into the clinic.

    Talk to Dr. Singleton Now. 801-917-0900

    Our Success

    The Evidence Behind Our Success

    Dr. Singleton has treated over 30 thousand patients and over 100 thousand with all the clinics that follow his protocols in the last 30 years. We have had patients lose 30 to 95 pounds in three months on his program. Patients who could not walk except with a walker could eventually walk freely from neuropathy pain or numbness and balance issues. We have had patients that would have had amputation if we didn’t intervene. Patients with acute or chronic pain in the spine or joints in the legs live pain-free because we go after the cause of the pain. The success is as fast as you follow the program and treatment protocols. Our program is close to 100% successful, with patients following our guidelines.

    Years in PRACTICE & Research

    Patients Treated

    Patients Following Protocols


    Close to 100% success when patients follow our guidelines

    What Others Say About Dr. Singleton?

    “I Lost 53 Pounds and Can Play With My Children!”

    “When I would see me and realize how large I was, I would kind of fall into a depression. It kept me from opening up and being myself with other people. I have a lot more energy, and I don’t feel as lethargic and tired all the time, and I can play with my children a lot more comfortably. If you at all have a desire to change your life, change how you look or feel, be healthy, do it!”

    – Anna

    “With Club Reduce, I Lost 30 Pounds!”

    “If it weren’t for the Club Reduce program, I’d still be miserable, unhappy, and overweight! I tell everyone it was the best thing I have ever done for myself! It was worth every penny!”

    – Correne

    “I Lost 30 Pounds!”

    “The support from the staff helped us through many challenges and frustrations!”

    – Ginette

    “I Lost 40 Pounds and Can Wear Whatever I Want!”

    I was never happy, I never felt good about myself, I tried everything. I couldn’t sleep because my back hurt. I’m a soccer player, I couldn’t run anymore. Now, it’s all different, I go to the store and I can buy whatever I want. I don’t have to worry about my soccer games anymore because I know I’m in shape to do them. It was life-changing.” 

    – Ivette

    “I Lost 34 Pounds and 34 Inches”

    “I kept getting bigger with each baby that | had, and it was discouraging, and | didn’t know how to get back down. I’ve had a lot more confidence and been a lot more energetic and happier. | would say that | loved it, really am glad that | did it. Just be strong and you’ll get the results that you want.” 

    – Jen

    “I Lost 27 Pounds and Gained Energy!”

    “I came into the office wearing a size 14. I felt horrible, but since then, there has been a dramatic change! I have so much energy—I can’t even stand the thought of sitting around at home. I also fit into clothes | never thought | would. I have pants that are size 4 and fit me!”

    – Judy

    “I Lost 13 Pounds and I No Longer Crave Junk Food!”

    I had been slowly (but steadily) gaining weight. Even though | exercised regularly, my body just wasn’t the same as it used to be! With Club Reduce, | lost 13 Ibs. and 12.5 inches in 3 weeks, and | feel fabulous! | can tell that my body is healthier. Thank you for everything!”

    – Kristy

    “I Lost 60 Pounds!”

    “My relationship with food has completely changed! Going through the Club Reduce program has made all the difference. | feel like somebody cares! Mentally and physically, it has been amazing!” 

    – Marykaye

    “I Exceeded My 50-Pound Goal!”

    “What I’d say to anyone who’s thinking about doing this program is it’s the best gift can give yourself. I’ve learned to eat healthy foods—more fresh vegetables and fruits—and to stay away from things that really aren’t good for my body.”

    – Pat

    “I Lost 26 Pounds and I Feel Great!”

    I can finally function like a normal person! My clothes from before I lost weight don’t even fit and people have started asking what I’ve been doing because I look fabulous. They were even able to help my family—my kids no longer suffer from different ailments! Life is great.”

    – Suzanne

    Why I want to help you?

    My body before and after my program. Very embarrassing to show how I looked before I figured out the cause of weight gain and tried for years and nothing,  but then I discovered the underlying cause and it worked. Now I have helped thousands with losing weight. I have been there and feel with you the frustration of how you feel and look. So I am in it with ya and I am not some skinny guy that never had to lose weight. I was 350 pounds and now I am at my weight when I was in High school. So come on,  call and let’s see what we can do for you.

    Dr. Todd Singleton, Midvale UT

    Dr. Singleton is a very caring, giving, and kind person to me, his family, and his patients. He always goes out of his way to get to know you and really cares about the person he’s talking with. I’ve personally seen how he engages with others by showing true concern for their issues. I’ve used the products that he recommended and have had great results. All I can say is he is a genuine person who conducts himself in a way that I wish everyone would follow.

    Brad Weaver, SLC

    Wonderful experience with Dr. Singleton and his staff was very helpful and kind.  He took the time to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.

    Heidi Schiers, Salt Lake City

    Wonderful experience with Dr. Singleton and his staff was very helpful and kind.  He took the time to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.

    Nancy, Midvale

    “When I was diagnosed with lupus, I spent a few years scared & discouraged because I felt like everything I was doing was making it worse. I knew the medications I was on weren’t working for me. When someone told me I should consider seeing a chiropractor help me, I thought they were crazy, but I had nothing to lose. Dr. Singleton not only helped me get my lupus in remission but taught me how to heal my body from the cellular level. His help and guidance put my life on a completely different trajectory. I haven’t had a major league relapse since, and any time I struggle with a new ailment, Dr. Singleton is always there to get me back on track. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough”. 

    Ellen Johnson, Salt Lake City

    I went to see Dr. Singleton for help with weight loss. I was at the end of my rope and had tried everything to lose the weight myself. I was discouraged and depressed. Dr. Singleton was so understanding and kind. He was knowledgeable about the issues I was having, explained everything in a way I could understand. He gave me the support I needed to change my habits, lose weight and become healthier. I would recommend Dr. Singleton to anyone who is ready to make a change and needs the support of a kind, generous, knowledgeable Doctor.
    Thank you for giving me my life back!

    Linda Lever, Midvale

    ‘Dr. Todd Singleton is a natural health and wellness doctor in Midvale, UT. The innovative combination of nutritional counseling and weight management has made his wellness center well known for its success in the natural care of digestive disorders, sleep problems, fatigue, lasting weight loss, and stress-related illness.

    Dr. Singleton graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology. He received his doctorate at LACC in 1990 and has been in practice since 1991. His wellness centers take pride in serving the community with the best possible health care.

    His offices specialize in offering advanced, state-of-the-art services that will educate, motivate, and empower the community. In addition, Dr. Singleton aims to maximize patient satisfaction by providing an enjoyable, holistic approach to health and wellness.

    The office offers a structured nutritional program that is appropriate for your specific needs. In addition, we have numerous health food recommendations to discuss and offer a variety of nutritional supplements.

    His focus is on helping each patient achieve a fulfilling, happy and healthy lifestyle encompassing their favorite activities.

    Dr. Todd Singleton is actively involved in the research and advancement of wellness and natural health care. His mission is to create healthier communities through wellness education. Dr. Singleton’s patients include people from all walks of life. He has participated in many corporate wellness programs and is a national and international speaker.

    Wendy G. Rose, Executive Director
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